With Veteran's Day fast approaching, it's always a good time of year to honor all of our military personnel whether active or retired.  Where would our country be without all of them?  After serving two tours of duty in Vietnam, my husband penned his memoirs.  He chose to liken the physical battles in which he fought to the spiritual ones we encounter every day.  This book has been read by many people throughout the states and used as a Bible study or daily devotional.  Freedom Is Your Destiny! is not only for men but also for women and family members of those in the  military. I highly recommend it as a gift anytime of the year.  Bless a Veteran, and tell them thank you!


      In addition, fall and winter evenings are a perfect time to sit in your favorite chair or around your fireplace and read a good book or two. Since some people prefer to embark upon a series, my Western Trilogy is a great suggestion! Ride with The Sabblonti Clan as they experience forgery, cattle rustling, land grabs, romance, & much more rocking the high desert mountain region. The three books included are: Book One - Jantzi's Jokers; Book Two - A Stormy Year; and Book Three - Love, the Tie that Binds. 


      Or if you're shopping for your kiddos or grandkiddos, The Christmas Tin is a fabulous family activity.  After reading this book to your loved ones, plan a cookie baking and decorating activity.  Bless someone with your cooking efforts who could really use a pleasant, sweet surprise.  Yum, yum!


       If you would like to have any of your books autographed, please send an email to let me know the specifics such as the spelling of names, etc.  Thank you, and happy reading!

      "Just finished Dan's book "Freedom Is Your Destiny", great details of his door gunner days in Vietnam and how he has used his military lessons to fulfill his spiritual life. For those vet's that had their faith damaged by war this would be a beneficial book to read. In fact I have asked my wife to read his book."

                                                                                                                  Capt. Hank Parker

       "Just finished reading this book to my Vietnam Vet husband. He and Dan served in Nam at the same time and in some of the same places but didn't know each other till 20+ years later. Reliving the stories Dan shares brought laughter, tears and healing for my spouse.
We are all in a battle of some kind every day and knowing the enemy and how to fight against him is the key to victory. What Dan has learned in his journey of life he is sharing with you now. He has taken his military experience and likened it to our spiritual walk. The nuggets of truth that Dan has written will encourage you to press on and reach your "freedom."
A more humble man you will never meet. All his accomplishments mean nothing to him. The desire of his heart is for you to meet the "One" who changed his life. All I can say is BUY THIS BOOK! Read it, learn from it, then pass it on."

                                                                                                                    Linda S.

       "Author, Sheila Eismann, has created a fictional three book series about a ranching empire located in a high desert range. With her creative talents and ability to write, she pulls you into the lives of fascinating characters as they work through tragedies and triumphs bringing hope, healing, love, and reconciliation to this community. The intriguing storylines include deception and heartache together with intricate plots of arson, embezzlement, seduction, manipulation and control. Also included are weddings, romance, and new life with the birth of new babies. In order to experience the full essence and flavor of this series and delve deeper into the storylines, I recommend you real all three books. I highly recommend this series to everyone."

                                                                                                                    TLC Reviews



I have fallen in

I have fallen in love with this author’s voice in her previous books, Stirrings of th




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