Love, the Tie that Binds



     Desperation explodes when heiress Stormy Sabblonti Castins calculates her dwindling fortune.  Is she capable of learning the painful lessons of having to rely upon someone and something other than inherited wealth? As her husband, Chet, continues to heal from his near fatal accident, tormenting shadows of The Black Raven lurk in the background.

     These high desert hills are alive with blessed babies, enchanting engagements, skillful scavengers, sophisticated scoundrels, rich revelations, timeless treasures, and western weddings.

     The Main Sabblonti Ranch house abounds with an unexpected marriage, childrens’ voices, and Sir Shelton sporting his silver bell.

     In a captivating story of courage, trust, and faithfulness, will Stormy still be tied in knots or find lasting love by year’s end?

     Love, The Tie That Binds is the third book in The Sabblonti Series.  Share the joys and sorrows of a mountain community in this swirling saga.

“Sheila Eismann, author of both fiction and non-fiction books, has done a masterful job in creating a fictional three book series about a ranching empire in a high desert mountain region. The intriguing storylines include masterful deception, heartache, arson, embezzlement, seduction, manipulation and control together with romance, weddings, and new life with the birth of new babies.  With her creative talents and ability to write, she pulls you into the lives of the colorful characters as they come alive off the pages of this series. They work through tragedies to bring hope, healing, reconciliation, and love to this fictional community.”


∞∞ Lesta Chadez, Spiritual Song Writer, Author of Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight, a collection of poems and short stories.

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