With so much of the world in turmoil these days, it's important and comforting to have something tangible to read for encouragement and to render hope.  Heart to Heart From God's Word is the perfect prescription!  There are daily Bible verses along with inspiratonal and humorous quotes sprinkled with a little free, flowing verse throughout.  This book also doubles as a prayer journal.  For instance, for whatever day you purchase the book, you can commence recording your prayer requests and praises on the pages provided.  It's formatted so you don't need to start on the first day of each year!  At the end of 365 days, you can look back and reflect upon God working in your life and those around you.


      In addition, summer evenings are a perfect time to sit on your porch or patio and read a good book or two. Since some people prefer to embark upon a series, my Western Trilogy is a great suggestion! Ride with The Sabblonti Clan as they experience forgery, cattle rustling, land grabs, romance, & much more rocking the high desert mountain region. The three books included are: Book One - Jantzi's Jokers; Book Two - A Stormy Year; and Book Three - Love, the Tie that Binds. Happy Reading!


      Or if you've been bit by the "gardening bug" of late, my Straight From The Horse's Trough is a humorous and beneficial read which will help you plant and successfully raise your herbs & veggies. Yum, yum & Happy Planting!  

       If you'd like to have any of your books autographed, with the exception of the digital Straight From The Horse's Trough, please contact me and provide the details.  I keep an inventory of all of our print books on hand all the time. Thank you!

      "I have fallen in love with this author's voice in her previous books, Stirrings of The Spirit, A Woman of Substance, and Straight From The Horse's Trough.  Sheila Eismann did not disappoint with her newest book, Heart to Heart.  The author uses her wit and wisdom to tie together quotes, thoughts, and sayings with appropriate verses from the Holy Bible.  This elegant book is simple and sweet but with enough room on its pages to double as a daily prayer journal so that the reader can take each day's verse to a depper level."

                                                                                                                  J. C. Biesh

       "This book is a wonderful devotional book full of spiritual wisdom and inspirational insights penned by Sheila.  There is a devotional written for every day.  I also like the way Sheila included a way to add our own personal thoughts and additions.  This is a great addition to some of the devotional books I have.  It is also a great gift to be a blessing to others.  I highly recommend this book."

                                                                                                                    TLC  Reviews

        "A phenomenal Biblical resource for daily devotions and journaling for a full-time working mom of a three and six year old.  I especially enjoy and appreciate the general space under each devotion to journal notes about the day,  how the scripture speaks to me that day, and any other special memories I want to capture.  The author has a nice personal touch by adding some familial sayings too which adds a little humor to the devotions as well.  HIGHLY recommend this book!"

                                                                                                                      C. Putz


I have fallen in

I have fallen in love with this author’s voice in her previous books, Stirrings of th




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